Are you a pool owner? Struggling to keep your pool in tip-top condition even during winter? Well, here is some good news

We understand that after a long, hard winter and being indoors because of the COVID-19 pandemic we are all looking forward to a wonderful summer. Its that time of the year when we enjoy our swimming pools and the beautiful weather in the Western Cape. Our dam levels look very promising and that is another reason to be excited.  As a pool owner you know what that means. Long, lazy days enjoying your swimming pool.  But before you can enjoy it, there is some work to be done. Like checking the sand in your pool filter. Making sure that your water filtration is working optimally.  If you can't remember when last you checked your pool filter sand, NOW would be an ideal time to try the Magizac Pool Crystals. 

Summer is a time to enjoy your pool

Magizac Pool Crystals

Magizac is a product that is eco-friendly and 100% recycled crushed glass as a pool filtration system. 

Benefits of this media include:

> Increased water purity and lower filtration period (up to 25%)
 > Recycled material so its environmentally friendly
> Chlorine consumption is lower therefore less expensive
> Safer – its not susceptible to metal leaching under acidic conditions
> Backwash is more efficient as Magizac is lighter than silica sand using less
time, energy and water
> Locally produced – creating employment
 Longer lasting – the replacement period is well over 8 -10 years+!
Should you want to DO IT YOURSELF, you can purchase 15kgs bags direct from us 
We can provide you with a quote to get your pool in a dazzling condition.
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Your pool is your investment - treat it well